A women’s only shooting club like no other; The IRON ROSE WOMEN’S SHOOTING CLUB at MANCHESTER FIRING LINE.  In 2016, TerryAnn Bowen, the female co-owner of Manchester Firing Line, earned the moniker the “Iron Rose” from her team of professionals due to her unique blend of kindness and assertiveness as a Lady Boss.

She redefined the gun range by bringing the perspective of a brand-new female shooter and has spent years assisting countless women embarking on their journey as new gun owners, understanding their unique needs. TerryAnn realized the absence of a women’s gun club that truly resonated with her vision to bring like-minded women together for a blend of shooting, socializing, and learning. Her background, originally devoid of prior firearm experience, fueled her determination to create a space where women could find guidance and camaraderie in a supportive environment. And so, the Iron Rose Women’s Shooting Club was born—a community designed exclusively for women. Its mission? To foster social connections, empower growth, and enhance shooting skills in a supportive and non-intimidating environment. TerryAnn’s passion for safety and firearm education infuses every aspect of the club, ensuring that women feel comfortable as they learn and evolve within the sport.

Here’s what the Iron Rose Women’s Shooting Club offers

  • Training Excellence: A balanced blend of training sessions and friendly competition pushes members to excel on the shooting range. See Course Nights below for more info.
  • Meaningful Camaraderie: Engaging activities, both on and off the range, create bonds among fellow female shooters.  See Club Nights below for more info.
  • Exclusive Insights: TerryAnn hosts a FREE Women’s Only Seminar each month, sharing valuable knowledge not found elsewhere. See Women's Seminar below for more info.


Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer, the Iron Rose Women’s Shooting Club invites you to attend our empowering community.


Please email for more information or to see upcoming dates and register, click HERE



A Women’s Firearm Seminar like no other!   This complimentary 3-hour session is meticulously crafted to introduce and demystify firearms.

Led by the female co-owner of Manchester Firing Line, this seminar explores topics that are specific to the woman experience in relation to firearms and more.  After years of observing women’s decisions regarding firearms, she has amassed a wealth of valuable insights to share. You’ll learn the basics of firearm safety, range etiquette and so much more.  She’ll guide you through the critical factors to consider when choosing to own a firearm as well as provide insights into common pitfalls to avoid.  Your learning experience will be both informative and practical.

Please email for more information and to register for our next seminar on Saturday, June 1st 10am-1pm, click HERE. Our next seminar after that is Sunday, June 9th 4-7pm, to register click HERE.




A Shooting Sisterhood

Definitely not your Dad’s shooting club! Designed to bring female shooters together of every level to socialize, shoot and educate.  This fun night is specifically tailored to foster growth and camaraderie and will be dynamic with various insightful exercises.  Like-minded women will come together to have fun meeting, learning new skills, and participating in classroom discussions for women by women. There will be occasional friendly competitions, shooting crafts, games, and special guests. Bring your friends, this is the club you’ll all be talking about!

$40.00 Club Night Price Includes:

(does not include the cost of ammunition or additional firearm rentals)

  • Classroom Lesson/Discussion with MFL owner TerryAnn Bowen and Team member Isabella Zaher
    (will include lessons, discussions, special guests, shooting crafts, insightful games, and exercises to foster camaraderie)
  • Range time
  • Firearm-of-the-week to try with 5 bullets
  • Target that applies to Club Night
  • Eye/Ear protection if needed
  • All supplies included for Club Night

Please email for more information and to register for our next club night on Monday, May 20th, click HERE. After that our following club night is Monday, June 17th 6-8pm, click HERE to register.



Learn, Practice, Compete

Our women’s firearm training classes adhere to an effective process that is both streamlined and impactful. We meticulously handpick a skill, explain its intricacies and underlying philosophies. Next, we provide hands-on practice, both within the classroom and on the range, to reinforce proficiency.  Finally, we engage in friendly competition, allowing participants to showcase their newfound expertise.

Throughout this dynamic process, time is allocated for in-depth discussions where diverse approaches to the chosen skill are explored.  There will be ample time to practice and test. We ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Please email for more information and to register for our next course night on Thursday, June 13th 6-9pm, click HERE.