Yes. Although shotguns and black powder firearms are not allowed in our facility.

Yes, but only to shoot in your own guns, subject to certain restrictions. See question #6 for more details. You must purchase our range ammunition to shoot in our rental guns.

Yes. Armor-piercing, tracer, steel-core, and incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited. Manchester Firing Line reserves the right to check all ammunition. If restricted ammunition is being used, you will be subject to damage fees that start at $35.00 per shot. When in doubt please ask any Manchester Firing Line staff member to check your ammo.

This depends on if you are renting. If you come in alone and meet the ID requirements and bring your own unrestricted firearm, then yes, you can shoot alone. Most of our members do. However, if you come in alone we will not allow you to rent a firearm unless you meet one of the following requirements in addition to having a US Government Issued photo ID or a Passport if you are not a US Resident: Bring a completion certificate from a Gun Safety course.

Whether it’s because you are here on vacation, a business trip or you don’t own a firearm, we’ve got you covered. We have over 100 firearms for rent, including a selection of machine guns, targets, ammunition and safety equipment. We also have Personal Instructors on hand, at all times, should you need assistance.

Lead .177 caliber pellets may be shot here. Steel pellets, or BBs of any sort are not allowed, for safety reasons.

All you are required to bring is a US Government Issued photo ID or if you are not from the US, a passport will be accepted. We have everything else you would need in stock to rent or purchase, including ammunition, targets, firearms, eye and ear protection and excellent Personal Instructors. However, if you have your own firearms and equipment, you are welcome to bring them. Please be sure to check your ammunition and firearms for restrictions.

You are welcome to shoot your legally owned select-fire or full-auto guns here. If you are in doubt about shooting your particular gun here, give us a call.

Yes. We stock both defensive and target ammunition.

Yes, but only to shoot here, unless you have a LTC Class A permit or Law Enforcement ID.

Yes, we welcome you to bring your firearm. Please make sure it is not on our restricted firearm list *here* Also, please check and observe your own State and local laws pertaining to transporting your firearm legally.

Perhaps a better question would be, ‘Which firearms cannot be shot at your range?’ because MOST are fine. The following is a list of restricted firearms due to range damage that may be caused:

Yes, you may draw from a holster provided that you do so in a safe and controlled manner. If you sweep your gun's muzzle across another person or yourself while drawing, you are not safely drawing from the holster and must stop!

Yes, provided that you do so in a safe and controlled manner.

Not as such, however we do not allow you to shoot faster than you can control your gun with aimed fire. If you are not hitting your target, you are not in control and must slow down.

No. The gun-handling that you typically see in movies is unrealistic and unsafe, and we do not allow it here.

Yes, but you may only photograph members of your party or our display firearms. Photographing other patrons, range personnel, or our facility's security features is strictly prohibited.