Firearms Sales, Consignment and Appraisals

We believe in honesty, integrity and have high ethical values when it comes to dealing with your firearms. With over 20 years in the firearms industry, Jake has been able to earn the trust of many who may be looking to sell outright, consign or appraise a single firearm or a collection.  Big or small, Jake will go over each and every firearm and give you an honest assessment of the market value and help you decide the best direction for you. We are also a Class III dealer and are able to accommodate all NFA firearms including LE restricted, dealer sample and transferable.


Rates are negotiated at the initial review of the items.


15%-20% depending on the value and market demand of the item.

Buy outright:

We use the most recent Blue Book of Gun Values as a guideline.  We will show you what the book values your firearm at for retail sale and make you a fair offer.


We will gladly consider taking your firearm in trade for a purchase of another firearm.

Estate sales and large private collections:

Contact Jake Bowen at to set up an appointment to appraise, sell or trade large firearm quantities.

Secure storage: 

MFL has an onsite secure storage vault available.  Depending on your needs, we are able to store a collection of valuables in a secure, climate controlled, alarmed and monitored vault.  This service is by appointment only. Contact Jake Bowen at

Drop by to see the ever-changing selection of new and pre-owned firearms for sale!