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--[ FAQs ]--

  • 1. I don't have a gun permit or license, can I still go there to shoot?

  • Yes. You must be at least 18, or accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 21. Everyone who is 18 or older must present government-issued photo ID to go onto the range.

  • 2. I am not a NH resident. Can I still shoot there?

  • Yes, so long as you meet the age and ID requirements.

  • 3. Can I rent a gun from you to take home?

  • Absolutely not! Our rental guns are only for use on our range.

  • 4. May I bring my own guns to shoot there?

  • Yes, although Shotguns and Black Powder firearms are not allowed at our new facility. If in doubt about your specific gun/ammo combination, you must ask an employee before shooting.

  • 5. May I bring my own ammunition to shoot there?

  • Yes, but only to shoot in your own guns, subject to certain restrictions. You must purchase our range ammunition to shoot in our rental guns.

  • 6. What restrictions do you have on ammunition shot there?

  • Armor-piercing, tracer, steel-core, and incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited. If in doubt about your specific gun/ammo combination, you must ask an employee before shooting.

  • 7. Can I bring my AR-15, AK/SKS, or .308 rifle to shoot there?

  • Yes.

  • 8. What about my .30-06 or 7.62 x 54R rifles?

  • Yes.

  • 9. What about my BB or pellet guns?

  • Lead .177 caliber pellets may be shot here. Steel pellets, or BBs of any sort are not allowed, for safety reasons.

  • 10. What about black powder?

  • No.

  • 11. I own some full-auto guns. Can I shoot them there?

  • You are welcome to shoot your legally owned select-fire or full-auto guns here. If you are in doubt about shooting your particular gun here, give us a call.

  • 12. Do you sell Personal Defense ammunition, as well as target ammunition?

  • Yes, we stock a limited line of Cor-Bon and Speer Gold Dot, as well as Federal, Hornady, and Winchester in selected calibers/weights. We carry an extensive inventory at our Shooter's Outpost store

  • 13. Do you sell ammunition to Massachusetts residents?

  • Yes, but only to shoot here, unless you have a LTC Class A permit or Law Enforcement ID.

  • 14. Why don't you post your ammunition prices on the website any more?

  • Ammunition prices have recently been pretty unstable. They have been changing quicker than we can update any price sheets, sometimes weekly.

  • 15. Why has ammunition gotten so expensive?

  • Ammo prices seem to be going up due to several things happening all at once. The war has gone on longer, and is consuming ammunition faster, than anyone planned for. Departments, agencies, and private citizens have all stepped up their training. Two US ammunition companies have gone out of business in the past year, cutting availability. Global demand for copper and lead, including non-ammunition uses, is way up, and the supply has not grown proportionally. Finally, some people are stockpiling.

  • 16. May I bring my own targets to shoot there?

  • Yes

  • 17. May I draw from a holster?

  • Yes, you may draw from a holster provided that you do so in a safe and controlled manner. If you sweep your gun's muzzle across another person or yourself while drawing, you are not safely drawing from the holster and must stop!

  • 18. May I shoot one-handed?

  • Yes, provided that you do so in a safe and controlled manner.

  • 19. Do you have a rule against "rapid fire"?

  • Not as such, however we do not allow you to shoot faster than you can control your gun with aimed fire. If you are not hitting your target, you are not in control and must slow down.

  • 20. May I shoot two guns at the same time, like I see in movies?

  • No. The gun-handling that you typically see in movies is unrealistic and unsafe, and we do not allow it here.

  • 21. May I bring my camera?

  • Yes, but you may only photograph members of your party or our display firearms. Photographing other patrons, range personnel, or our facility's security features is strictly prohibited.

  • 22. Is that true that (celebrity names) shoots there?

  • Could be. A fair number of celebrities have shot here at one time or another. Some are occasional customers, some have been here actively training, and a few are friends. Like anyone else, they come here to get in some range time, not to be hassled.

  • 23. But would it be OK for me to ask for an autograph?

  • Its not against the rules to ask, so long as you are respectful, but please don't do so out on the range. Save it for the lobby.

  • 24. I thought I recognized your range in a movie?

  • Could be. Some indie films have been partially shot here..