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--[ Classes ]--

If you are new to shooting and are wondering what is the best class for you, we recommend either our NRA Personal Protection / CCW class for those who are self-defense minded, or the MFL Basic Pistol Class for those just want to learn how to shoot and be safe. Both these classes can accommodate someone new to shooting.

We have standby lists for our classes, so if the class you'd like to take is full, ask to be placed on the standby list (please include a phone number). If you can join a class on short notice, this may workout for you.

  • To signup for a class, please email the Instructor
  • Gift certificates are available for our classes!

  • Intro to Gun Ownership Seminar
  • This 2 hour free seminar presents basic knowledge and information for the new gun owner. We'll cover the topics you'll need to know prior to visiting MFL or your local gun club, We'll outline safety and ways to practice with your firearm and proper transportation to and from the range.
  • MFL Basic Pistol class
  • Focusing on safety and fundamentals of shootings, this class will bring the student up to a level of competence to enjoy the sport of shooting.
  • NRA Personal Protection In The Home/ CCW class
  • This 11 hour course provides you with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the proper use of a handgun in a defensive situation. It also provides you with information on your rights as a citizen to the use of self defense. The certificate from this class is accepted by neighboring states that require a training class for a CCW.
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home class
  • This advanced 14 hour course deals with conceal carry techniques and tactics for the individual who seek to carry their firearm concealed. This course covers the dynamic and practical skills needed for self-defense outside the home.
  • Practical Handgun Clinic
  • This is 4 hours on the range with at least two Firearms Instructors for more advanced training. Clinic covers a review of firearm safety, handgun administration, proficiency drills, tactical scenarios with reactive targets and speed drills. This clinic is given at least once every couple of months. A student typically shoots 300 to 400 rounds.
  • Residential Rifle Clinic
  • This 4 hour clinic is all range time working with your AR-15 tactical rifle for a realistic urban environment. We will cover sight adjustment, calculating offset, safety administration, moving and shooting, team tactics and communication. Optics and slings recommended but not required.. A student typically shoots 200 rifle rounds and 50 handgun rounds.
  • Advanced Practical Handgun Clinic
  • This Advanced Clinic builds on the skills developed in the Practical Handgun Clinic, the PHC is a mandatory prerequisite for this class. The Advanced Clinic covers some more realistic and dynamic tactics for self-defense.
  • State Armed Guard / Private Investigator Certification / 218 qual Class

  • As per NH RSA 106-F:8c, all State Armed Guards / Private Investigators are required to attend 4 hours of instruction to include firearms techniques and safety, laws on the use of deadly force, and the moral and ethical use of force. They must also pass the State Firearms Proficiency live fire test.
  • Private Firearm Lessons
  • For those who are unable to attend our scheduled classes and those at risk, we offer Private Firearm Instruction from our Instructor catered to your specific needs. This may include cases where one's personal security is under a heightened risk or personal assistance passing professional qualifications.

    We also offer range time with one of our Range Staff, for those who wish to have a Staff member with them while on the range to provide individual attention. You can call the Range (603-668-9015) to schedule time with the Range Staff.